Server Information

Server Features Description
Commands You can view full commands here
Server Rates Exp, magic and skill rates list
Custom Spawns Review list of custom spawns from Classick
Desert Quest 1 Solo player can do this quest, no items needed.
Tasks You can view tasks in client, you can have 3 active at same time.
Cast Live streaming gives you 15% exp bonus, !cast on or off. You can join casts login with no account and password
Guild Wars Defeat another guilds without punishments: war commands
PvP Protection You cannot kill a player that has half your level or more. I.E: Lvl 101 cannot kill a level 50. Unless hes skulled.
Premium Account 10% experience bonus, ability to trade with Rashid.
Trainers Here can train your character or make runes. They're located at each temple, theres a runemaker included in client.
Daily Bosses There are 2 bosses rooms located around Classick map, you can enter solo or with team, they give exceptional rewards!
World Map You can download full map here
Houses You can bid a house here

Unjustified Information

Frag time lasts 12 hours and redskull 2 days without having any unjustified kill.
Time Redskull Banishment
Daily 4 7
Weekly 20 25
Monthly 65 70

Frequently Asqued Questions!

Type Information
F.A.Q & Extra Information: Training monks in each temple There are trainer for runes and spells in client
Rashid change location each SS, google where it is. (premium required)
Tasks can be ordered in-client and they are repeteable unlimited times.
You can have 3 of them active at the same time.
You can make desert quest alone(without items)
You can enter to live casts by typing in-game client:
Account: {nothing}
Password: {nothing}
Party share gives 20% and another 20% extra each vocation involved.
End game quest is Inquisition, PoI must be done before.
After this you can bless yourself with Henricus blessings at thais south gate
There are custom content around the whole map.
Apart of that Classick 7.4 has liberty bay, port hope, goroma, calassa, svargrond and all it's small isles around, and now the custom spawns.
Every quest that include a weapon, shield or equipment will come with attributes, positive or negative.
Server ConectionLocation: Virginia, US.
Server and client has embedded proxies to make it playable from Europe and Brazil without any kind of lags.
Experience Bonus
Cast system gives +15%
Premium account gives +10%
Party share +20% each voc
Tasks in-game
Global experience roulette
Classick Features
Stackable Manafluids
Stackable Runes
Runes in NPC
Market system
Balanced vocations
7.4 mechanics
Instant travel in boats
Desert Quest soloable
Oldschool UH Trap
Henricus blessing(inquisition)
Fully antibot client
Guild war system with PvP-Enforced

Vocation Balance

Vocation Spell/Attribute Description
Druid Exevo Pox Hur
Exana Sio
Exori Pox
Poison Wave
Light Heal Friend
Poison Strike
Paladin Exori Con
Enchanted Spear
Assassin Star
Infernal Bolt
Ethereal Spear
Enchant Spear
Atrad Access
The Sweaty Cyclops Access
Knight Exori Hur
Exori Mas
Exori Gran
Whirlwind Throw
Exori Gran

Party Hunt Spells

Vocation Spell Description
Sorcerer Utori Mas SioMagic level +1
Druid Utura Mas Sio HP Regen
Paladin Utamo Mas Sio Shielding +3
Knight Utito Mas Sio Melee +3