Classick Commands

Type Command Description
Cast streaming !cast on/off Activate casting, gain 15% bonus experience.
Experience boosts !exp Show experience bonuses.
Melee calculator !physicaldamage Dragon Executes a test of your weapon damage.
Join events !join Join current event.
Auto loot !autoloot Information regarding auto loot.
Deathlist !deathlist "PlayerName Execute a player death record.
Uptime !uptime Check server uptime since last server save.
Frags !frags Information regarding unjustified kill records.

GuildWar commands

Command Information Description
War Declaration !war invite, GuildName, 100Declaration to war for 100 frags
War Declaration with bounty !war invite, GuildName, 100, 500000 Guild leaders must have added 500,000 gold coins to guild bank, winner guild gets the reward (1,000,000 gold pieces)
War Declaration reject !war reject, GuildName Guild war rejection.