Custom Hunting Spots

Classick Custom Hunting Spots!

Classick 7.4 has liberty bay, port hope, goroma, calassa, svargrond and all it's small isles around.
But here we will be updating the custom zones around the map:

Draco's - East Darama Desert [70+]


Mad Pumpkin's - Northwest Darashia [85+]

Mad Pumpkin's

Hellfire Fighter's - Northwest Orc Fortress [100+]

Hellfire Fighter's

Grim Reaper's - East Darama Desert [100+]

Grim Reaper's

Hydra's - Northwest Ankrahmun [50+]


Mad Pumpkin's - East Darama Desert [80+]

Mad Pumpkin's

Demons - Edron [75+]


Undead Dragons & Hellhounds - North Port [120+]

Undead Dragons & Hellhounds

Hydra - Lost Port


Infernalist - Dark Cathedral [100+]

Levers & Crystal wand required


Serpent Spawn - Southeast Port Hope [80+]

Serpent Spawn

Walls - Southeast Thais [100+]

Recommended with team.
Hydra, serpent spawn, giant spider, nightmare, plaguesmith, destroyer.


Dragons & DL's - North Darashia Lair [30-70+]

Darashia DragonLair