23 March 2024 (04:21)

Double Experience!

As sugested in discord, Double Experience days  has been activated for levels lower than 300

04 March 2024 (05:15)

Small Update

Small but important changes!

Exiva now tell you if a player is inside training room
Removed instant travel via boat if NPC is NOT busy(if busy it works instantly)

Changes will take effect at next server save
01 March 2024 (09:31)

Small update

Stamina is now active:
50% bonus for two happy hours.
 Attacking Trainers does refill stamina aswell.

26 February 2024 (02:42)

New update

New update for Classick!
 Reworked walking and new features!
If you logged in and you have BLACK SCREEN please update your client!

Download latest client
24 February 2024 (09:04)

Small update.

Rebalance in Prismia!
Some minor bugs have been patched, all monsters inside this area incluiding damages and loots have been reworked. I invite you all to review the new hunting areas, they may be worth. There are more evolution monsters comming in the near future, updated shop and added strong mana potions to Raphael[150+]. Updating website soon.

12 February 2024 (10:36)

Experience Bonus!

Experience rates for players with lower of level 200!
To make sure everyone will be enjoying the new continent Prismia.
This event will be live atleast from Sunday 11 till Sunday 18 of February.
Remember to download the latest client.
Thank you!
11 February 2024 (04:53)

Classick Update

Classick Big Update
New continent Prismia is now live[150+].
It is free, no access required. We will keep updating server in the near future and balance everything out.

Explore the depths of Prismia, where you can find plenty of creatues dwelling. Their different habitats has forced them to adapt, which in turn made them imbued with flavors of Physical, Fire, Terra and Energy. Take heed: mostly you will encounter the "base" versions of these creatures, but dare you dig even deeper you may even find their Prime evolutions. These monsters may drop equipment related to their element protection. Be warned, these Prime evolutions are much tougher, smarter and more fierce than ever before. It will be hard to defeat them, if you dare challenge these Prime creatures, you better be prepared for a battle long away from home and with very few points of safety. Would you succeed in this venture, you may have a unique chance to gain the finest of Prime equipments and prepare yourself and your team for the future of Classick, heard there are some invasion comming from the deep.

Hint: Cormaya 
20 December 2023 (09:09)

Another small update

Forge just arrived to Classick
You can no
w upgrade your equipments
There are total of 10 levels, from 0 to 9.
You can earn/buy forge scrolls

Big update is comming

19 December 2023 (04:23)

Small update

Auto loot was added to Classick!

Slots for Free Account
6 Slots for Premium Account
You can earn/buy more slots.

!autoloot add, gold coin
!autoloot remove, gold coin
!autoloot show
!autoloot clear
!autoloot slots

More updates will come in the near future, stay tunned!
Happy hunting.
03 December 2023 (01:56)

Guild Castle!

Tomorrow first GuildCastle War is going live!
GuildWar Castle - Thais Temple [100+][1Hour][GuildNeeded][NoFriendlyFire]

Every Sunday 4 hours before server save.
 Fight against guilds to earn the castle with private trainers & depots.
 Winner guild receive premium points, a castle and 10% exp bonus for the whole guild

No damage from your guild members.

You can visit the castle via thais boat.

23 November 2023 (07:42)

Website Update

Website has been organized.

Quick start for newcommers:

 Make sure to visit our server information page in order to understand  the server a bit.

Download our latest
and create your account in order to play.

11 September 2023 (09:00)

Thank you tibians

Thank you for the first days, we encounter few problems and we managed to reach 200 online players in Classick
I would like to note the F.A.Q. that I've received the last days. So there are extra information:

Unjustified Information:
Unjustified kills last 12 hours
Red skull time last 2 days

4 Frags for redskull daily
20 Frags for redskull weekly
65 Frags for redskull monthly

F.A.Q & Extra Information:

Training monks in each temple
There are trainer for runes and spells in client
Rashid change location each SS, google where it is. (premium required)
Tasks can be ordered in-client and they are repeteable unlimited times.
 You can have 3 of them active at the same time.
You can make desert quest alone(without items)
You can enter to live casts by typing in-game client:
Account: {nothing}
Password: {nothing}
Party share gives 20% and another 20% extra each vocation involved.
End game quest is Inquisition, PoI must be done before.
After this you can bless yourself with Henricus blessings at thais south gate
There are custom content around the whole map.
Apart of that Classick 7.4 has liberty bay, port hopegoroma, calassa, svargrond and all it's small isles around.
Every quest that include a weapon or shield will come with attributes, positive or negative.
To balance vocations there are small changes in attacks and some kind of changes around for example:

Exevo pox hur
Exana sio
Exori pox

Exori con
Royal spears
Enchanted spears
Assassin Stars

Exori hur
Exori mas
Exori gran
Many high-level weapons
Weapons quests with attributes

Party Hunt:
Paladin: Utamo mas sio - Shielding +3
Knight: Utito mas sio - Melee +3
Sorcerer: Utori mas sio - Magic +1
Druid: Utura mas sio - HP Regen
09 September 2023 (07:21)

Welcome to Classick 7.4

Classick 7.4:

Is a mid-high rated real map server made to have fun, there are no pay to win items
 and there are fully smooth gameplay aswell with custom content.

Server Features:
Stackable Manafluids
Stackable Runes
Runes in NPC
Market system
Balanced vocations
7.4 mechanics
Instant travel in boats
Desert Quest soloable
AoL on each tools NPC
Henricus blessing(inquisition)
Fully antibot client
Guild war system with PvP-Enforced

Experience Bonuses:
Cast system gives +15%
Premium account gives +10%
Party share +20% each voc
Tasks in-game
Global experience roulette

Server Rates:
Experience: Stages(30x-2x)
Magic: Stages(8x-2x)
Skills: Stages(10x-2x)
Spawn: x5
Loot: x4

Server Conection:
Location: Miami, FL. US
Server and client has embedded proxies to make it playable from
 Europe and Brazil without any kind of lags.