Events in Classick!

Classick 7.4 Events!

Classick 7.4! There are daily, weekly, manual and automatic events of all type.
Best rewards from Classick are obtainable in there!
More events will come in the near future, for now you can review these ones:

[BOSS] Zathroth [150+]

Every 20 hours, exclusive rewards.


[BOSS] Raothic [200+]

Every 20 hours, exclusive rewards.


GuildWar Castle [100+][1Hour][GuildNeeded][NoFriendlyFire]

Every Sunday 4Hours before ServerSave, fight against guilds to earn the castle with private trainers & depots.
You can visit the castle via thais boat. Winner guild receive premium points, a castle and 10% exp bonus for the whole guild
No damage from your guild members.


Team Battle [100+]

This event starts manually, only 1 life, system balance teams out and they fight eachothers. Winner team receive a present.

Team Battle's